Hi! I’m Ed Conarchy.

I have been a mortgage advisor since 1990. But half way through my career I had an epiphany.

I was giving my clients great mortgage advice, but it was just their mortgage I was helping them with. They might have a great mortgage now, but what if simultaneously they were not handling the remainder of their finances accurately, undoing all the good that the great mortgage brought them?

Specifically, what if they weren’t saving the max for retirement, saving for college for their children, not paying off all their bad debt every month and they didn’t have a liquid rainy day fund for life’s emergencies?

That’s when it hit me. I needed to be advising my clients holistically about all their money needs, not just the mortgage. I realized that how someone handles their mortgage impacts their ability to save for retirement and college, pay off bad debt and accumulate that rainy day fund. They are all intertwined!

So to better serve my clients I made a huge commitment to not just advise clients on getting a mortgage, but to get licensed as a financial advisor and advise clients holistically on all their financial decisions. 

Today I am proud to say I am a licensed mortgage originator as well as a licensed financial advisor. I give my clients holistic advice so they are doing the right things with all their money. I educate all my clients so their money is working for them and not against them and insure that their financial decisions are the most efficient they can be.

I have a quote: “I don’t believe the American Dream is to just own a home. I believe it’s much bigger. 
I believe the real American Dream is to reach financial security and I am teaching everyone I can how to accomplish that.”

So if you have a goal of reaching financial security and are looking for an independent, objective advisor that is in your corner, looking out for your best interest, I would be happy to assist you.


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