It’s that time of year again. No, not Football season… it’s Property Tax Assessment season. In this week’s Conarchy’s Corner (length: 10 minutes) Ed Conarchy educates you on the details of Property Tax Assessment Notices that are hitting mailboxes across the county. And before you complain, learn in this video what the assessment is really telling you: what data goes into it and how it’s used to determine your assessment for 2009. Also, Ed shares with you links available to research your own property tax assessment and compare it to similar homes in your neighborhood. Now you can see right online if your township assessor has you assessed correctly or not. Watch and learn what it’s all about.
P.S. Go Bears!

Example of New Assessment Notice

Lake County Comparable Search Tools

Video Explaining Property Tax Process

Lake County Chief County Assessment Officer Homepage


2 Responses to Important Info Regarding Your Property Taxes

  1. Wade Jones says:

    Nice job on explaining the property taxes. It should also be noted that they are going back 3 years instead of two years for the county does not want to take a large hit in revenue lost.
    Thanks again.


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