In this week’s Conarchy’s Corner (length: 8 minutes) Ed Conarchy tackles the headlines of the Jan. 1, 2010 rule that now lets you convert your traditional/deductable IRA into a Roth IRA with no income limits. Yes it sounds alluring, turning your taxable withdrawals from your IRA into a Roth IRA that allows you tax-free withdrawals. But before you pull the trigger and do it, the question is should you be doing it? Is it a financial benefit to you? Watch and see the facts you need to know before you act. Also, I am making available to you a 6 page article on this very subject from #1 Financial Advisor Ric Edelman. This article will help you determine if you should be taking advantage of this rule change or not. Just email me at for your free copy of “Ric Edelman’s Roth IRA Conversion Conundrum.” Happy New Year!

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